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I reside in beautiful Spokane, Washington.  The four seasons and endless beauty of the surrounding geography provide a constant source of natural artistic energy and inspiration!  My artistic interests over the last 15 years have taken me on a journey through several mediums...but my recurring passion is working with the extraordinary beauty and versatility found in the natural fibers of wool, silk and bamboo.  These are the ingredients that my fiber art work is made from.  The fiber art wall hangings are particularly special as they are visually and texturally exciting wall decor in the home by day...then by night...with a gentle push on the hidden wireless LED light underneath...they become a warm glowing source of lighting artistry in a darkened room, hallway or corner.  NO CORD!  NO NEW WIRING!    Just two small nails in your wall to set your new feather-light fixture on and voila....instant enjoyment!

 Fiber Art Wall Hangings by day....Wireless Artistic glow lighting by night!